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Our team is dedicated to solving the three challenges that face the 21st Century;
Waste, Energy and Water!

“Our mission is to create clean, usable energy from the waste that our generation and many generations before us have left behind. This is not adding to the problems that face us in our environment today. This helps to fix them and reverse the damage.”
– Founder PEG

Partners Energy Group is a global leader in advanced biomass catalytic oxidization energy systems. PEG designs and supplies biomass catalytic oxidization gasification systems called “Megawatt in a box”. These high efficiency systems enable customers to generate clean, renewable green energy from low cost biomass and can be customized to fit any customer’s needs.

Partners Energy Group was founded in 2008 by two visionaries with the goal in mind of ridding the world of waste, saving our clean water supply and creating a sustainable energy source for the future that is virtually emissions free. In short, these two founders had the foresight into future problems facing our environment to look into solutions and invent a patented machine utilizing catalytic oxidization technology. Unlike waste-to-energy incineration with CO2 and ash emissions or gasification with syngas as the by-product, our “Megawatt in a box” machine has the by-product of environmentally friendly steam with virtually zero emissions thus  has gained major popularity from 2010 forward.

Each founder brought different strengths to our business. One brought a successful background as Director and CEO of several international corporations with pivotal roles with respect to intellectual property rights, process patents and application patents. The other founder brought over 30 years experience as a leader in emerging markets with focus on new and valuable technologies. Although both founders had differing backgrounds – they both had a passion for saving the environment so they put their heads together with that goal in mind.

Partners Energy Group is a private company with an experienced team of employees working in Canada, Europe, China and South America all with the mission to unburden the planet of excessive waste and garbage, rid the air of harmful toxic pollutants and clean our fresh water supply making our environment sustainable for our generation and for many generations to come.