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Why is your company called Partners?

Partners Energy was conceived as forward thinking 21st century company. In an effort to cast off the historic norms, Partners was designed to “do more with less” “Improve efficiencies” and simply said the companies “mantra” of sustainability is at the very core of the business. Therefore we “Partner” with our communities to enact the long term sustainability.

How is gasification different from incineration?

Gasification represents significant advances over traditional incineration. Gasification is a high temperature conversion process. Gasification breaks down the feedstock at the molecular level into their component parts.

Why do you say you are carbon neutral? Don’t you produce CO2 like fossil fuels?

Simply said, the process is auto-thermic requiring no outside heat source in normal operations.

How does biomass fit with solar and wind?

Biomass is an excellent augment to the standard renewable energy mix. Since Biomass is base load, solar is summer peaking and wind is winter peaking the proper mix will provide a sustainable uninterrupted power supply to the gird for many years. Because biomass produces energy without interruption 24/7 it is a very reliable source of renewable energy. Unfortunately, solar and wind can only produce energy intermittently therefore need a constant power source like biomass to accompany. Simply said, all sources of green energy should work together to lessen the amount of fossil fuels used and greenhouse gases trapped in our atmosphere.

Confused about biomass?

Here is an unbiased and simple explanation that will help

Have a question about green energy, biomass, vaporization or sustainability?

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