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Ontario Power Authority Feed-In Tariff Program Launch

It is so exciting and such a positive step to helping the environment that the OPA (Ontario Power Authority) is going ahead and launching its feed-in tariff program. Click HERE for the direct link to the July 11, 2012 document outlining the OPA’s rules and regulations. What exactly is the Feed-In MicroFIT program you ask? […]

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Plasma gasification

Organic molecules (those that are carbon-based) become volatilized, or turn into gases.

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How Do Alternative Fuels Generate Electricity?

Effective Digital Presentations produced this 3D animation for CLECO Power in Louisiana.

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Sustainability explained through animation

Watch this short animated movie explaining sustainability created for RealEyes by Igloo Animations

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All About Biomass Fuels

Here is a quick video that explains a little about Biomass Fuels and their application in today’s modern world.

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25 MW biomass plant Video

Green electricity for over 50,000 homes

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