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Plasma gasification

Organic molecules (those that are carbon-based) become volatilized, or turn into gases.

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How Do Alternative Fuels Generate Electricity?

Effective Digital Presentations produced this 3D animation for CLECO Power in Louisiana.

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Sustainability explained through animation

Watch this short animated movie explaining sustainability created for RealEyes by Igloo Animations

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All About Biomass Fuels

Here is a quick video that explains a little about Biomass Fuels and their application in today’s modern world.

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25 MW biomass plant Video

Green electricity for over 50,000 homes

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UK Retailers Turning to Bioenergy as Alternative Energy Source

Fish heads and chicken fat are the latest sources of electricity for major retailers in the U.K. including Walmart, Tesco, Marks & Spencer, Waitrose, William Morrison Supermarkets and Sainsbury. Not only is bioenergy the evolution of alternative energy sources, but the meat, fish, cooking oils and leftover food would otherwise be transported to landfill at […]

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