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    Our planet is becoming overrun with toxic garbage but we have a solution
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    The new generation of biomass systems with virtually zero emissions
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    Partners Energy Group is passionate about creating a greener planet
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    Our catalytic oxidixation system cleans our planet & creates green energy
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    It's is beyond carbon negative. It turns today's waste into tomorrow's power

Partners Energy Group

The perfect power solution!

Dedicated to solving the three challenges
that face our planet in the 21st Century:
Waste, Energy and Water!

It is time for us to wake up and realize that we are drowning in our own garbage. This waste is contaminating our water supply and spreading toxins and deadly diseases worldwide.

Another environmental challenge we face is increasing pollutants from fossil fuel based energy increasing our planet’s greenhouse gases. This increased Greenhouse Effect is causing changes in our planet that negatively affect our lives.

If there was a way to turn the world’s waste into sustainable green energy with virtually zero emissions.

Now with Partners Energy Group’s patented technology there is.

At Partners Energy Group we offer the perfect power solution with our patented
Catalytic Oxidation System which we refer to as “Megawatt in a Box”.

  • Reduces air pollution, green house gases and the effects of climate change
  • Stops toxic pollutants, bacteria and diseases from contaminating our fresh water supply
  • Produces uninterrupted reliable green energy with virtually zero emissions
  • Supports communities by creating employment and using local resources

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